There’s a phrase that becomes relevant every Tuesday in the summer. And that word is “Fruesday.” It’s Tuesday + Friday. Once the summer ice show routine begins, the coveted day is Wednesday, the lone day off. It’s amazing how many things you will cram into a Wednesday that is essentially a Saturday and a Sunday. Waturday?

  • massage/facial/pedicure
  • laundry
  • visiting friends
  • shopping
  • cooking/cleaning
  • theme parties
  • day trips
  • interning
  • sleeping

It’s a list that could go on and on. The one thing that can never be fit in on a Waturday is a wedding. No one really has weddings on a Wednesday. So, with regret, I had to pass on Mariah & Ryan’s wedding extravaganza this coming Saturday. Overall though, I can’t complain. A summer show gig is a pretty lovely job, filled with great coworkers, laughter, and a totally hilarious (and often inappropriate) work environment.IMG_1345

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